Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Special Lady

This past Wednesday, my grandmother passed away. The doctors aren't exactly sure what happened, but they think she probably had a heart attack the week before. Today was her funeral, and it was a lovely service. I was very proud of my dad, and the words he spoke of her, and how he has handled her passing with such grace and love. We had a reception afterwards, which seemed strange to me at first- I had never been to a reception for a funeral, or at least hadn't heard it called that. But it was a really neat time as it gave us a chance to really talk with the people who had come. It felt so appropriate to have that time of fellowship and joy, as a funeral of a believer is really a celebration. I left with much more hope and gladness than any other funeral I have been to.

We've spent all of this weekend sharing stories, some of which I had never even heard, and just enjoying being together as a family. We have a small family, but a great one just the same. By far the coolest thing of the weekend was watching a slide show that the funeral home made of Gama's life. They made an entire webpage for her and if you select "movie" you can watch the it. You'll even find a few of me in there. My favorite is about the 3rd picture in, where she is wearing a white, ruffled shirt. When I was little I always thought that she looked like an angel in that picture.

If I could use one word to describe Gama, it would be strong. She was a very determined person and lived through some very, very hard times. But despite the hardships, she kept keeping on, and she is now enjoying her eternal reward with Jesus. My dad likes to point out in the slide show you can see that her smiles got bigger and bigger the older she got, especially after he married my mom and Laura and I were born.

It is very strange to think that I won't see her at my parents house again and that she won't be in any pictures anymore. But I know that she is smiling even bigger now, and that there is much rejoicing. We will miss her, and we will long for the day to see her again.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again...maybe

My sister-in-law Kara is always giving me a hard time about not posting. She likes to point out how other people, people with kids even, find time to blog, so why can't I? She especially likes to emphasize bloggers of multiples. (Thanks, Lindsey).

And the thing is, she's right. Why don't I blog? I could have time if I really wanted to. I think the old saying, "You have time to do whatever you want to" is a true, though often irritating, statement. I guess I feel that I don't have much incentive to keep this thing alive (or the other 2 blogs I started once upon a time). Since I don't have any kids (and normal people don't care about weekly puppy photos), I don't have the pressure to post current pictures. It's not impossible, but also not very likely for my mom to call saying, "Lindsay. You haven't posted in 2 weeks. I have no idea what you and Kyle look like or what new things you are up to these days."

It just doesn't happen a lot.

But even though I don't post much, I do love to read other people's blogs. I don't comment a lot (often because I'm stuffing my face when I'm at the computer...yikes), but sometimes reading someone else's goofy moment or seeing their kids' sweet smile is the very thing that brightens up my day. So press on, bloggers!

Do as I say, not as I do.

For you, Mom, just in case.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

What Would You Do?

A couple weeks ago, Kyle and I went home to Houston for my mom's birthday. Sitting at the dinner table, my family wanted to hear all about my new job, which prompted my sister to say, "Oh yeah, so now that you are employed, you and Kyle are DINKs: dual income, no kids." She failed, however to provide an equally charming nickname for herself and Charlton. (SIOKs?)

It got me thinking about all the stereotypes and assumptions that are often associated with people without children. I won't name them, mostly because they are incredibly unflattering, and I certainly hope that they aren't true of Kyle and I. But one thing I have found from being a DINK, and a SINK for that matter, is that you have to be very, very careful about the comments and suggestions you make to people with kids, and especially to the kids themselves.

Not that this rule is strictly exclusive to people without children. I've seen several uncomfortable situations between sets of parents where 1 set is trying to offer the other "helpful" advice. It's not pretty, people. Not only is advice ruled out, but giving someone else's child instruction, even among Christians, is sometimes a touchy subject.

So I try not to make too many comments or give opinions unless directly asked. As an opinionated person, I don't always succeed, but at least I have goals. (We DINKs are known for our ambitious goals, after all).

However, yesterday presented a perfect example of a time where I did not want to be involved in correcting someone's child, but felt thrown into it in order to not have a $800 phone bill.

I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room yesterday, peacefully reading my newspaper with my purse on the end table next to me. There was a little boy around 2 or 3 playing, with his (very young) mom sitting in a chair nearby. Suddenly, Billy* spotted my purse, and came over and starting touching it, eyes all aglow, trying to look inside.

My response was to simply laugh. I really thought it was pretty funny, and I didn't feel at all responsible or concerned because I knew his mom had to be watching. And although she was watching, she didn't really say anything. Honestly, I think she was curious what he was going to do next. Finally she corrected him and he skipped off to something else.

About 5 minutes later, he came back and started feeling into my purse again. This time I was a little more taken aback. The mom still just looked on without saying anything. After another long pause of Billy coveting my belongings, she started walking over to my chair.

"Billy stop. You'd think I'd taught him to be a pick-pocket."

At this point, it's just awkward.

"Um, well, there's not any money in there! "

I go back to reading my newspaper quietly. And then guess what? Billy comes back a third time. He had apparently gained some confidence, because this time he took my phone out of my purse.

I couldn't take it anymore.

"No...let's not take my phone out of my purse, please." After which, I carefully removed my phone from his mischievous little hands and put it in my purse.

I wasn't quite sure what would happen next. I didn't know if the mom was going to yell at me. "What right do you have to correct my child?! I raise my child to make his own decisions! You have to be tolerant of others' choices!"

You just can't really tell these days. So instead of waiting for her to starting throwing blows, I went to the Ladies' room and returned to the waiting room- this time in a different section than Billy and his mom.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Employment: Check

I got a job! Thursday night, an old RUF friend of mine, Hannah, called and told me that there was an opening in her department at A&M, and would I be interested. Of course I would! I went in the next morning and met with her boss, and was offered the job. Very exciting!

My official title is "Senior office associate." I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing, but it will include helping maintain the database, customer service, and some business/technical writing. Hannah is being promoted to a new position, so since both of us are starting at the same time, the positions are being somewhat restructured to better fit Hannah and I specifically. I'm especially excited that I will be able to do some kind of writing- they mentioned that they've always wanted to have an office newsletter, but haven't really had anyone to do it, so I might get to start that as well.

Tuesday is going to be my first day, which seems CRAZY since I spent all of last week looking for jobs, thinking that no one was ever going to interview me, let alone hire me. I feel so blessed, and am so excited to see what's in store. Thanks everyone for your prayers and encouragement!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

So I had planned to make a Christmas post with all my merry pictures, but now that Christmas is officially over, here's a recap of the past 3 weeks for the Newcomers.

Christmas: We spent Christmas Eve with my family, and Christmas Day with the Newcomers. It was really fun to watch Steven play with all his presents and wrapping paper. During the afternoon he spilled water all over himself, so my mom gave him the freebie shirt she received from the hospital when I was first born. Cool, huh? It was a little snug, but that's beside the point.

This year Christmas Day was a little unique in that we spent it with both of our parents. Since Kyle's brother is still studying abroad, and most of his aunt and uncles couldn't make it down to Houston this year, and with my sister was spending the day with her in-laws, we decided to combine families. It was really fun, and was neat to have everyone in the same room.

Post Christmas: We got a 6 month old German Shepherd puppy right before Christmas, but right after Christmas, we ended up having to take him back to the breeder. He was a very sweet dog, but had severe separation anxiety and was also deathly afraid of children. We were really worried that if we kept him, he would hurt himself and our duplex, as well as possibly start biting children. That was more of a chance than we wanted to take, so we returned him. We were really, really sad to take him back, but we feel like it was the best thing to do. We are probably going to get a puppy soon, which hopefully will be easier to train, since we'll be getting him (or her) as a "baby" puppy.

New Year's: We spent New Year's Eve with our good friends the Ackermans, but New Year's Day was not so much fun. I have been breaking out in hives for the past several months, and over the past few weeks, they have gotten a lot worse. I made an appointment with an allergist for this past week, but in order to get an allergy test, I had to get off any and all anti-histamines for 5 days. 5 very long days.

Tuesday was the last day without the anti-histamines, and I was in a lot of pain from all the hives and swelling. We checked into the ER that night, as my eyes were pretty much swollen shut. The staff took great care of me, and we went home after only a couple hours.

It turns out that I'm allergic to dust mites and grass, which is good, since that's so rare, right? Looking back, I think I got so much worse these past few weeks from the increase in dust from all of our moving boxes. But the last few days have been great. I'm on new, stronger anti-histamines, and tomorrow I start the beginning of what's called a "rush cluster," ie, allergy shots.

Post New Year's: Things are feeling a little bit more normal now. Our duplex is completely unpacked, which is a great feeling. Now that the holidays are over, I'm picking my job search up again, so please keep me in your prayers.

Drama, drama, drama. Here's hoping that the rest of 2008 will be more carefree!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Company Christmas Party

Saturday night was Kyle's company Christmas party. It was the same day as graduation, so it made for a very busy day (especially since it was in Conroe), but we had a great time. It's always nice to put names with faces of people Kyle works with.

Kyle made a rookie mistake by asking a male co-worker to take our picture, and I made a rookie mistake by not specifically asking Kyle to get one of his female co-workers to take the picture. You can't see much of my skirt, but it was shiny and a little poofy (my 2 favorite things).

Now that graduation is over(I'll post pictures after my family sends them to me, hint hint)and we've moved into our new duplex and been able to pull out a few Christmas decorations, it's starting to feel more like Christmas. And even more so after getting our present to each other last night.