Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Purpose

So I broke down and got a blog...again. After spending a summer working with Worldview Academy in 2004, the staff convinced me to get a blog so that we could all keep up with each other. I did of course, but I'm sad to say that I rarely ever posted, and I finally let it die. So why did I start this one? Well, is waaaaay more popular than Xanga now, and I have to keep up with the times. Not really. This all began when my good friend Erin moved to Peru for a mission trip and started a blog, and I couldn't figure out how to post on it without Kyle's name popping up. This made me a little sad, but I figured, she'll just know it's me. But it became crunch time when I found out this morning that my sister and her husband just started a blog where they will show pictures of my very first nephew, Steven (who has not quite decided when he is going to show up).

So the purpose of this blog is to allow me to leave cute and witty comments on my friends and family's blogs without ever feeling the pressure of having to write an entire post of cute and witty things. However, if the time comes where I'm feeling like writing, now I have a place to spout off. And I really wasn't joking. Blogspot is cooler than Xanga.